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"How To Convert Your Kindle Book To A
Print Book - In One Hour Or Less!"

From: Jeanette Cates
RE: Putting your Kindle book into PRINT!

Having a book is great! In fact, less than 1% of the population have actually achieved that milestone. So you are in rare company!

Having a Kindle book is a good first step. It's relatively fast and simple to format a book for Kindle. Plus, you can start earning royalties quickly with your Kindle book. In fact, it's so profitable that an entire industry has grown up around teaching you how to write, create, and sell your Kindle book.

What's The Next Step After Your Kindle Book?

While you are to be congratulated for finishing your book, publishing your book, and promoting your Kindle book, there may be some people in your circle of friends and family who still don't "get it". They want to know WHERE your book is. They want to hold it, flip through the pages, makes notes in the margin, have you autograph it.

In fact, there are a lot of people who want your book in print!

After all, a print book serves multiple purposes:

  • It adds credibility because there are still people who believe that unless your have a book they can hold in their hand, you aren't a "real" author.

  • It becomes a business calling card that you can hand to people at networking events or mail as a thank you or introductory gift.

  • A print book opens new doors of opportunity. With your book in hand, you can often book more speeches and appearances. You can have book signings in bookstores. You can sell your book(s) at the back of the room when you speak.

  • A print book offers readers a choice of format. Some prefer print, while others prefer digital. Giving them your book in both formats removes any excuses they have for not buying.

  • With both a print and Kindle book, you participate in Amazon's Matchbook(tm) program, giving you another outlet for your book.
    And so much more!

Why Don't You Have A Print Book?

There may be multiple reasons why your book is not yet in print, but here are the two most common problems:

1) It's complicated! There are a lot of documents to read. There are conflicting opinions when you do read them. In addition to all of the information, there are a lot of choices to make. In fact, if you have tried to tackle the conversion of your Kindle book to print before, this is probably the reason you gave up. There's just too much to know and decide!

2) It's time-consuming! By the time you read everything, make your choices, experiment with the various options, and upload your print book multiple times, you've spent many hours, multiple days, and maybe even weeks. When what you really wanted to be doing was writing your next book!

Overall, it's just a PAIN for most authors to convert their Kindle book to print!

Let Me Take The Pain Out Of The Process For You!

When it came time to convert my first Kindle book to print, I faced the same problems you do: it was time-consuming and it was complicated!

But I have two advantages. I am stubborn and I have a strong motivation for learning technology-based processes.

In fact, I've spent the past 30 years learning to use technology, then teach others how to use it. For the past 16+ years I've focused on teaching thousands of people how to leverage their expertise into an online business, learning and teaching a lot of technology along the way!

I have a reputation for providing solid information with easy-to-take actions, based on my experience, a lifetime of learning, and the success actions of my own business. And that's exactly what I provide for you as you convert your Kindle book into a Print format.

I've already read all of the documentation about how to convert a Kindle book to a CreateSpace book. I've searched endlessly online, and asked questions of other authors and publishers, as well as directly of Amazon.

Plus I've converted a couple of my own books to print. And I've built the tools and templates for my own use so that I can repeat a successful sequence of steps each time I need to convert a book.

In short, I've done all of the time-consuming, mind-numbing work for you. And now I'm ready to share!

Introducing ...

3 Easy Steps From Kindle To Print

This is a simple, to-the-point training program. It is streamlined with only one goal in mind: walk you through the 3 steps to convert your Kindle book to a format that you can publish on CreateSpace. And yes, I'm going to show you how to do all of it - in less than an hour!

Inside the members' area you will actually watch over my shoulder as I follow my proven process to convert my newest book to print. You'll watch as I go through each step:

Prepare the manuscript (the interior of your book).

Prepare your book cover (the exterior of your book).

Proof your printed book and make any needed adjustments.

You'll see the checklists I use, the basic templates I created and use, how I convert my cover to a print format - all of the details! You'll see any problems I encounter and how I solve them.

I want to be very clear about exactly what you will get from this training:

What The Program Covers

  • This is a quick process that leaves nothing to chance.

  • It's an easy-to-follow as you watch me do it, look at the checklist, and refer to the handout to be sure you have covered every step of the process.

  • It follows the standard choices that most authors need.

  • It provides you a direct path to your print book with no detours for what-if's!

What The Program Does NOT Cover

  • This program does not explain every option available on every page. I am sharing the direct path with no detours.

  • It does not show every alternative route. It shows you the one route that will work for most authors.

  • It does not demonstrate every feature of the publishing process. You can explore those on your own.

  • The One Hour program does not show you how to change the format of your Kindle book. I assume your Kindle book is already formatted the way you want it.

  • This program does not show you how to convert your Kindle book to any other print service except CreateSpace. However, once you can do it here, you can adapt the process to other services!
    Plus You Receive These Additional Tools

To make it even easier and more efficient for you to replicate this process with YOUR book, I have provided these tools for you:

Checklist that outlines each step of the process. I recommend you print this and keep it next to you as you watch the videos, then format your book.

An Illustrated Guide with slides for each step of the process. No need to go back to the videos - you can quickly refer to the slides to find exactly what you want when you need it.

Model Format for book interior. This is the one I use for my books and the one I use in the tutorials. You'll be ready to download this and start using it immediately.

Format Reference Sheet so that you can quickly see the formats used in the Model Format and determine which ones you want to change in future books.

Model Format for back cover of your book. Since this is a new piece to your book, it's helpful to have a model, particularly for the number of words and layout.

My secret source for converting your book cover to print! I've heard so many horror stories of authors being ripped off or disappointed, so this is worth the cost of the program!

You'll have everything you need to start and follow the entire process, step by step.

When You Take Action Today

When you order today you also get two bonuses not available anywhere else.

Lifetime Updates - You will receive all of the updates made to the product with no additional fees. So if I re-record it, you get the update. If I add more videos and tools, you get the update. No maintenance or annual licensing fee. It's all included!

Answers to YOUR personal questions - Inside the members' area you will find a special question form. You can submit as many questions about this process as you like. Every question comes directly to my personal email inbox - where I will answer it for you!

These added-value benefits are only available when you Take Action!

Yes, I Am Ready To Take Action Now!

And the great news is it won't cost you a fortune to see how to convert your Kindle book to print. In fact...

When You Enroll Today You Pay
Just $47

And that's a one-time fee! No royalties. No recurring fees. No subscription fees. No future payments. No upsells. Just a one-time payment of $47.

And while I can't imagine that you would need it, you do have a 30-day guarantee that this training program will do exactly what I've said it will do.

Place your order now and let's get started immediately...

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  • I will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the training and support materials within the password-protected training site so that I can refer to them each time I want to create another print book.

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P.S. The One Hour Print Book program is a focused program to get you the results you want - a print book from your Kindle book. I know of no other program that shows you how to do this so quickly. If you don't do this now - when will you do it? Enroll now!

P.P.S. After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will be redirected to the members' site where you can create your account and get immediate access to all of the materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally you may have questions about the program. Here are the most common questions. If you have others, please contact our support desk.

Q: I'm not technical. Can I have someone else follow this program for me?

A: Absolutely! I often buy a training program, then hand it to one of my staff to learn and do on my behalf.

Q: What if my digital book isn't on Kindle - can I still benefit from the program?

A: Yes, you can. However, it is designed specifically for a quick conversion from Kindle to CreateSpace, so you want to consider that.

Q: Can I use this program to convert to a print book on another platform?

A: While the information can be adapated to other platforms, recognize that it is not intended to be an answer-all. That's why I can offer it affordably.

Q: Could I use this process to offer a service for other authors?

A: Of course you can! In fact, that is a business that a lot of authors would really appreciate. So if you decide to do it, let me know so I can share that information with others.